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Ruapehu Brewing Co



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Pilsner 5.2% 330ml 

NZ Pilsner featuring Motueka hops: Clear gold, zesty lime, citrus aroma. Crisp, balanced taste with tropical hints. Light body, refreshing, perfect on a hot summers day. 

Motueka hops take center stage, offering a burst of inviting and zesty citrus aromas. Notes of freshly squeezed lime, lemon, and a hint of tropical fruit, all underscored by a subtle herbal and floral character. Clean, bright and absolutely enticing.

Pilsner, Vienna, Toffee
Motueka, Pacific jade
Food Pairing: Pair this NZ Pilsner with seafood dishes, such as grilled shrimp or ceviche, to complement the citrusy hop notes. It also goes well with lighter fare like salads and chicken dishes, as well as spicy cuisine where the hoppy bitterness can help cut through the heat. For a true Kiwi experience, enjoy it with some fish and chips while taking in the breathtaking New Zealand scenery.

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