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Ruapehu Brewing Co

Beer Glass Nucleated Conical 285mL

Beer Glass Nucleated Conical 285mL

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Ruapehu Brewing Branded Beer Glass, a 285mL conical for discerning beer enthusiasts. Engineered with a nucleated base, it guarantees a gradual carbonation release, maintaining the beer's optimal head and effervescence.

The conical shape not only appeals visually but also intensifies the drinking experience by directing aromas towards the nose. Branded with the distinctive Ruapehu Brewing logo, this glass is a symbol of precision and dedication to the brewing craft. Combining aesthetics with functionality, it ensures a comfortable grip and enhances the flavors of your favorite brew. Elevate your beer-drinking ritual with the Ruapehu Brewing Beer Glass – where style meets substance.

Cheers to a heightened appreciation of the beer.


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